Rusty Vatcher Update

Hi Renee,

I thought I would give you an update around Valentine’s Day on our little
love bug, Rusty, also known as Ru Ru. He’s now one and a half years old and
has stopped growing at 16 inches tall, 25 inches long, and 16 pounds
(similar to his dad, Casey). Brandon and I still can’t believe how amazing
he is and how lucky we are to have him in our life. He’s super athletic and
loves to play (his favorite sports are tennis and soccer), loves other dogs,
welcomes every human he meets, is very self aware, gentle, well-behaved and
just all around awesome. He is also creative and knows how to get what he
wants–he has various ways of asking us for things.

Whenever our friends watch him for a weekend we are gone, we always get
asked the question “where did you get him?”! So you may have some upcoming
clients this next year!

Good luck with your upcoming litter! Happy Valentine’s Day from Hayley,
Brandon, and Rusty!


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