Sasha’s February 2019 Litter

Sasha is pregnant with a litter of schnauzers!  We do this from time to time to keep our lines going.  Isaac is the proud dad and his first litter!  With 2 excellent parents these pups will be gorgeous and smart!

Her due date is 2/19 (Valentines pups!).  We will be keeping girls from this litter but selling all boys! Send an application in using the mini schnoodle app but title schnauzers! The price is $1000, $100 deposit required to get on the litter list.

Apply today!


  1. I have been looking for a schnauzer puppy. Do you dock tails/ ears and remove dewclaws?

  2. We do dock tails and remove dew claws at 4 days.
    The ear crop is the owners option. That is done about 9-10
    weeks. You would need to have that set up with a Vet
    before you adopt. It is difficult to find a Vet to crop ears
    anymore. We are now leaving our mini girls ears natural.


  3. Diane E. Nelson says:

    Love the Schnoodle… had the opportunity to adopt one, a puppy mill survivor (psychological damage) that was rather sickly… she came into our lives at 1-1/2 yrs and left us at age 4 due to pancreatic cancer in March of 2016. She took my heart with her. She was the most adorable, fun-loving and grateful soul I have ever met. The Schnoodle is a wonderful mixed breed because they both have wonderful traits … too bad my Maddie left us so soon. I will sign up for the mini Schnoodle updates … perhaps a litter from later this year. I would love another schnoodle (she was about 20 lbs).

  4. Norma Marcellino says:

    I want a mini Schnoodle but would like a girl. When might any girls be available?

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