Syrah’s February 2018 Litter

Syrah had her giant schnoodle babies on Sunday am February 11th.  Her and Mama Renee spent many many hours together giving birth. Very late Sunday night we were all exhausted. Pups are gorgeous!  Colorings are just awesome!  Great browns and brindles and black. Good mix of boys and girls! We have a few available = apply for a giant baby today!

Queen Sheba’s February 2018 Litter

Queen Sheba and Dad, Zachariah gave birth to beautiful pure parti puppies on Friday 2/9/18. We have 7 babies – the ‘parti’ is on! It was a very long night and day for Ms. Sheba and Mama Renee, but they are all doing well. She wanted to keep them to herself rather than share and let them be born! […]

Jolie’s January 2018 Litter

Jolie had her litter of super coated schnoodles with Zach the daddy on January 27th. These pups are being placed. 4 pups – 2 girls 2 boys. 2 parti’s (compliments of dad) and 2 dark pups which should start showing colorings from mom soon. Parti girl on pink blanket, I am holding the little parti boy he is marked with […]

Naomi’s November 2017 Litter

Green collar male on dark green puppy throw. He is nice size boy black in color. Red collar on joy throw. Small in size. Nice white blaze on chest. Male puppy blue collar on blue snowman throw. Small white blaze tiny white on chin. Purple collar female. White blaze on chest. Touch of white on chin. Little white tip on one front […]

Princess’s November 2017 Litter

This precious little girl is Princess baby! Her name is Spree and she has gone to her forever home with the Jackson family in VA. She has 2 human young ladies and a small pup named Skittles as her doggie sister. She is just a beautiful girl! The Jackson family loves family trips and vacationing with family too. This little girl […]

Penny’s September 2017 Litter

Pink hearts collar is going to be the new member of the Ashley family in NC. Her name is Scout. 2 girls and one boy r excited about their new puppy! They love to play in the yard and spend time as a family doing things together. Scout will fit right in and enjoy the attention […]

Raquel’s August 2017 Litter

This is Pink Collar on the plaid throw. Her name is Luna and her forever home will be in Fl with the Daily family. They own another Pierce mini schnoodle named Toby. They are all looking forward to Luna joining the family. Purple Collar female of Raquel’s will be going home to OH with the Truitt […]

Phoebe’s July 2017 Litter

Yellow collar went home with the Ferlauto family from NC. Working at home a lot this little girl will be the new sidekick and rarely alone.  Her name is Phi-be (pronounced like her mom’s name just spelled differently). Working on boats, gardening and playing with the new puppy and time in the water will be the new life for […]

Abby’s July 2017 Litter

1. This little girl is Ginger, called Gigi and is going home to the Spencer family in NC. She is Pink Hearts Collar of Abby’s. She will get all the attention she can handle! The family loves family and friend time, walking and just hanging out. Little Gigi will keep the family busy and having […]

Leah’s May 2017 Litter

Sold! All puppies have been sold, thank you! Renee’s pick of the litter, her name is Christy and was adopted by the Darrah family, she is tagged as Red Hearts Collar. Lots of play time and walks with outside activities. She will love all that. This is Mookie Green Hearts Collar – Harris family. This is Benny Utt. He […]