About Giant Schnoodles

Giant SchnoodleNot to be confused with Miniature Schnoodles, the Giant Schnoodle is a rare breed that is achieved by combining a Giant Schnauzer (about 75 pounds and 25 inches tall at the shoulder with a Standard Poodle (about 70 pounds). This combination produces a highly intelligent, easily trained, loyal, calm and affectionate dog. The Giant Schnauzer is sometimes called “the dog with the human brain” as their problem solving ability is amazing.

Giant Schnoodle Temperment

The Giant Schnoodle is a very sweet, laid back dog that can be goofy sometimes too. They do well when left to themselves but they need daily interaction with their family and thrive on exercise. They will happily carry a pack for you with water bottles etc. when you go on your walks and the additional weight adds intensity to their workout, not to mention the satisfaction they derive from being useful to you. Don’t doubt it, they understand and are thrilled to please you.


Their coat is a soft silky wavy coat with soft curls. Their coat is non-shedding, hypoallergenic and our puppies are black. These dogs love water, so much to that they would appreciate a pool to use if possible (a kiddy pool will do), or a lake, a pond, creek or even a puddle!

Be prepared to attract attention as wherever you go with your Giant Schnoodle people will stop you to Ohhs and Ahhs!

These are all of our wonderful Giant Mommies (December 2014.)

See Delilah’s first litter here. All of our Giant Schnoodles are $1,600/each. Submit your application today.