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Teddy is a wonderful, healthy, playful, loving bundle of cuteness. Attached are some pictures of his first week as a "Hoosier" in Indiana. Rocco has taken to him well. Thank you so much for providing us with another fantastic member of our family.
Timothy Grimm
Hello from NYC--we wanted to thank you again for adding our wonderful little Buddy to our lives! At seven months, Buddy is a healthy 24 pounds. He loves his walks around our neighborhood, where people regularly ooh and aah over him. He also enjoys going to the park and playing with the other dogs at the dog run. At home he is happy chasing a frisbee or a ball around the house, curling up with his giant squeaky toys, or cuddling up with us at our feet or next to us on the sofa. He loves trips out to the countryside, where he can roll around in leaves or snow banks, or dig in the sand. He is a huge part of our lives, and greets each of us with kisses each morning. He was so well-trained, that finishing up crate training, paper training and house training was pretty easy. Always sweet and eager to please, he now goes to obedience class once a week and is eager to show off what he can do.
Edward Newman
After we lost our second Mini-Schnoodle, we searched far and wide to locate a reputable Mini-Schnoodle breeder because we love Mini-Schnoodles. Our house was just too quiet without our furry friend. What was exceedingly important to us was finding a breeder to whom temperament was an important criteria. We also wanted a breeder whose focus was on Schnoodles and not a multitude of ’designer breeds.’ We feel exceedingly fortunate to have found just what we were looking for at Pierce Schnoodles. Renee puts her heart and soul into her dogs. From our first conversation over the phone to our first visit to her kennel to meet her and some of her dogs, our impressions have been positive. Renee cares about her dogs and their new owners and seeks to find the right placement for both. She found just the right puppy for us to bring home in August 2015. I can still remember that day as we drove home feeling that we had been blessed with our furry bundle. Mazie is loved and doted on by us, our grandchildren and our neighborhood families. She has an endearing personality! Mazie loves adults, kids and dogs—just the right combination! She’s a year and a half old now and we are working with her to become a therapy dog since she is a happy, playful girl as well as very smart! We feel she can make a difference in the lives in the others, too. Thank you, Renee, for choosing us to be one of your Mini-Schnoodle families!
Shirley and Lance Perryman
We adopted our boy Chipper (aka Dakota) from Renee in Forest City, FL in 2001. He was six months old at the time and the only puppy they kept from his mama Sasha's 1st litter. We had him for almost 15 years and he passed a year ago this March. Let me tell everyone who is adopting from Pierce is the best choice you will ever make with a family pet. Our boy was smart, healthy, and brought so much love and life to our home. We miss him dearly! Have fun with your new Schnoodle! Much love to Renee!
Gerri Tacner