Petey Chasin Update

Hi Renee, It is hard to believe that Petey is two years old today. It seems like yesterday he was just a little pup and yet he is so much a part of our life that it seems like he has been with us longer. He truly is everything you say your dogs are.  First […]

Scout Canterbury Update

Oh so cute!! We are doing great, he is one special pup. Adjusting to being held all the time very well!!???????? We still need to work on the housebreaking but other than that everything is good. Scout made his first trip to the beach already!!

Penny Retires

September 2019 – Penny goes to her new retirement family and home. She got right in the van on her new princess pillow and was ready to go. So happy to find an awesome home for her with the Pierce family. Penny has had her final litter and her retirement home has been determined.  The […]

Cooper Lane Update

Hi Mama Renee, I hope you are doing well. I wanted to send you a handsome picture of me! I get a fur cut this week! Cooper is an absolute joy! He is 2 years old weighing in at 24lbs! (Sasha/Casey March 2017) He loves to go “bye bye” in the car, have “cheese” as […]

Cody Block Update

Hi Renee: Just wanted you to know our darling schnoodle, Cody, passed away a few weeks ago. He was a healthy happy little guy almost to the end, and he died peacefully in our arms after 14 1/2 joyful years with us. I want to thank you for helping to bring Cody into this world, […]

Min O’Neill Update

Min just turned seven but is as agile and sprightly as ever! She still loves balls more than any dog I have ever seen, but we had to switch off the mini tennis balls (and everyone should too because they are apparently like sandpaper on the teeth) to another kind which she loves: “Hol-ee Roller” […]

Benedict (Benny) Printz Update

Hi Renee, Just a pupdate from Phoebe’s August 2018 litter! Here’s Benedict Cumberbark (Benny) being his usual playful, lovable self. We absolutely adore him and couldn’t ask for a better pup! He’s spunky and smart. Best,Alli and Tessa

Schatzi Setash Update

Hi Renee, It’s been 9 months since I picked up my darling and he continues to wrap everyone he meets right around his little paw.  For the first couple grooming appointments, he put his Schnauzer face on, and about a month or so ago, we put our poodle face on……of course, he is Schazee’ when […]

Jolie has retired

Our beautiful Jolie has retired and is with her new family and being very spoiled! She is traveling and has lots of cushy beds and sweaters and coats.  Really living the retirement life with the Tablitz family in FL. We miss her but she is in a super home and so loved. With her 2 […]

Schatzi Cox Update

I have been wanting to write you and let you know how Schatzi is doing! First of all, your advice for flying home worked like a dream!  She was so quiet on the plane, slept all the way.  We tried to get her to potty in the family bathroom on both ends of the flight, […]