Princess’s November 2017 Litter

Once again Princess is due and Renee will not leave her at home – we’re off to celebrate our 10 year anniversary in the motorhome. Princess is going to start thinking that all doggies have babies in the motorhome! She is fat and happy!

Katie Jolie Bradley Update

Thinking of you and wishing you a “Happy Fall”. Can you tell  who I am ….almost eleven months old now and weigh 14 pounds. Think you would be proud of me! Guess Who?

Mookie Harris Update

Hi Renee, Here’s a picture of Mookie with his big boy haircut and Halloween bandana. He’s doing great! Mookie and Felix are best buddies. We are so glad we got him. Hope all is good there. Happy Halloween! Cindi and Kenney Harris

Jasper Zurich Update

Hello Renee…..its that time of year again!!!! Heres Jaspers Halloween Costume!!!!! He’s a cowboy….lol…..and his new Big Barker bed thats perfect for older doggies so their joints dont hurt!!!!! at almost $200, his joints better not feel anything….lol…..but nothing but the best for my baby….i cant believe he’s gonna be 11 in Jan….. OMG!!!! but […]

Gigi Spencer Update

Hi…hope you’re well! I just wanted to let you know Gigi is doing great!  She has brought so much joy to my house, neighborhood, and family.  The pic on her back was last night.  She was loving life with a bully stick.  The one under the table was 2 weeks ago. Take care, Jennifer

Champ Edgington Update

Champ is doing great. Doing awesome with training and is getting a personality now.

Bamboo Yurick Update

Renee, I thought you might enjoy seeing all the black spots that have just recently shown up on Bamboo. He looks like a different boy, still so handsome and sweet! Margie

Katie Jolie Bradley Update

Renee, Like you said about Jolie,”each time she is groomed, her coat looks different”. So true for Katie Jo. Yesterday she was groomed and is light like Kasey underneath , but still has her dark racing stripe down her back, and a blackish head and tail. So cute and stylish with such a lovely thick coat…..thanks to her […]

Penny’s September 2017 Litter

Pink hearts collar is going to be the new member of the Ashley family in NC. Her name is Scout. 2 girls and one boy r excited about their new puppy! They love to play in the yard and spend time as a family doing things together. Scout will fit right in and enjoy the attention […]

Bailey Smith Update

Hi Renee! I hope you are doing well! We are doing great! Bailey has been pure joy in our lives! She’s so smart. She knows come, sit, lay down, and spin around. Teaching her to wave bye this week and about to sign her up for a puppy training course. We took her to the […]