Application – Mini Schnoodles

Thank you for your interest in Pierce MINI Schnoodles. Mini schnoodle puppies are $1,000, Jolie’s mini (she has a super coat and her pups have the best fur coat) puppies are $1,400, Parti colored minis are $1,200, all minis have a $100 non-refundable deposit and you may fill out the following online application to be considered for adoption.

Reminder: Please read our adoption informationall deposits are non-refundable.

Mini Schnoodle Application Form

Give us some basics about you

About the puppy you want

About the schnoodle life

About your children

About your pet history

About the schnoodle in general

About your family

About the adoption

(We always want to be notified of problems or the inability to keep the puppy.)
(As explained on our Web site and/or in phone conversations with Pierce Schnoodles)


You made it to the end and have hopefully submitted your application. We appreciate it & will be in touch shortly.