Oreo Frankhauser Update

Dear Renee, I am in touch with an update on our amazing giant schnoodle, Oreo.  Oreo has been with us now for four weeks and each day we love him even more.  He joins us for walks, car rides, backyard fun, and afternoons at work.  Oreo loves to fetch a ball (or a stick) and can find a […]

Mazie Melton Update

Mazie ready for Halloween.

Piper Crook Update

Hi there. Julian and I came on April 1st and picked up our giant schnoodle. We were so glad that you were willing to let us come the same day. We ended up naming our little girl Piper. She has been such a joy to our lives and have enjoyed seeing her grow.   Enjoy the pics.

Murphy Hancock Update

Good Morning Renee! All is well over here in Apex.  So, the kids staged a coup and informed us that they just couldn’t get used to the name Fergus…so we all pow-wowed and came up with one that everyone adores and stays with the Irish feel Trey and I wanted, too.  Meet Murphy (fka Fergus).  🙂  […]

Guinness Johnson Update

Hi Renee, Just want to share a few pictures of Guinness with you. He is from Syrah’s February litter and we adopted him in June. As you can see in the attached image, he has adjusted very well. Such a laid back boy and so friendly. A complete love bug! We love him so much! Karyn Johnson

Lambeau Collins Update

Here are some pictures of Lambeau. Weighed him yesterday and he weighs 54.3 Lbs. We think he is going to be a BIG BOY!!!!! We sure do love him. Such a sweet and loyal puppy.

Mazie Melton Update

Renee, Mazie is 7 months old and weighs in over 50 lbs already. She’s very active and we are currently working on no jumping on guests but she is otherwise sitting, staying, shaking, fetching, and walking on a leash very well.  She is still crated when we leave the house for longer periods since she […]

Tinker Martin & Isaac

Tinker Martin giant of Raquel’s who is 6 Mos old let Isaac crawl all over, pull his hair and ears. They loved each other!

Raquel’s August 2017 Litter

This is Pink Collar on the plaid throw. Her name is Luna and her forever home will be in Fl with the Daily family. They own another Pierce mini schnoodle named Toby. They are all looking forward to Luna joining the family. Purple Collar female of Raquel’s will be going home to OH with the Truitt […]

Boomer Humphries Update

Giant pup update pics so long and lean – cute hat pic! This is Boomer Humphries from Raquel’s first litter.