Syrah’s August 2019 Litter

Syrah had her babies yesterday! Awesome colorings. All nursing and doing great. Syrah is a wonderful mom. They will be ready mid-October. Wonderful time of year to adopt! Send in your application for a giant baby! Apply to get your giant schnoodle!

Raquel’s June 2019 Litter

SOLD – GREEN COLLAR Female – This sweetie is a cute one! Very personable. She is beautiful black with white blaze and rear white feet. SOLD – ORANGE COLLAR Female. This girl is the biggest in the litter! Very large laid back female, gorgeous brindle colorings.  SOLD – PINK COLLAR Female. This female giant of Raquel’s […]

Hannah’s January 2019 Litter

Sold This is blue collar male going home with the Alston family from NC. His name is Riley. He will be joining the family with an English Bulldog.  Kids are grown so this is the new baby. They like to camp, fish be outdoors and incorporate all activities with the dogs whenever possible. Riley will […]

Tabitha’s December 2018 Litter

Sold Green Collar of Tabitha’s litter who we named Sophie went to her forever home with the Stiedle family of VA. They are going to keep her name and she knows it already! Recently retired she will get lots of love, training and attention. Hiking the parks and mountains and walks – Sophie will love […]

Syrah’s August 2018 Litter

Available Email Renee directly at and/or submit an application to have a baby giant schnoodle as your own! This is Pink collar Female – she is the smallest in the litter but she has a big personality and heart.  She is very sweet and loving! She is doing great going outside to potty and loves the […]

Raquel’s July 2018 Litter

Pink Collar of Raquel’s pups goes home to TN with the Keller family. Being the new baby in the family she will get all the time and attention she needs. Her name is Piper. Her little sister is a mini schnauzer who may wonder why she keeps getting bigger. Piper has been so sweet until her adoption. She was doing […]

Hannah’s March 2018 Litter

This is Willow Burrows! She is Hannah’s beautiful sweet little girl – orange collar. She will be making her forever home with the Burrows family in NH. She will love the cold and snow in the winter. 2 kids boy and girl will be surprised when Willow arrives home! The family likes to hike, swim and do outdoor activities. she […]

Syrah’s February 2018 Litter

Boys This is red collar. He is a black puppy and is medium size.  He is a sweet gentle boy. Navy Blue Collar male is sold to the DeRose family in VA. They are very excited about adding a new furbaby to their family. 3 kids are waiting for the time when the new pup comes home. The […]

Raquel’s August 2017 Litter

This is Pink Collar on the plaid throw. Her name is Luna and her forever home will be in Fl with the Daily family. They own another Pierce mini schnoodle named Toby. They are all looking forward to Luna joining the family. Purple Collar female of Raquel’s will be going home to OH with the Truitt […]

Hannah’s April 2017 Litter

Clyde Kaufman – He will live in NC as his forever home. He is tagged light blue hearts collar. He will have another doggie to play with and a cat too! The family likes to stay home, cook and relax. This pup will love to hang out. Cosmo Nunaihed – He is tagged as Red Hearts Collar. He will live in NJ […]