July 2019 – Jacob laying close to me with the pups outside, keeping an eye out! 

June 2019 – This is Jacob trying to convince momma Renee he needs what I am eating???? not. We love our giant Schnoodle Jacob truly an awesome dog????

July 2018 – Bill and Jacob resting in the afternoon on the deck, swinging. Both enjoyed their time together! Renee with Shiloh and Jacob taking a boat ride. Awesome perfect day for the lake!

June 2018 – Jacob & Shiloh chillin’ in the motorhome headed to the races! He is now 87 lbs. Very calm gentle sweet boy. What a perfect dog!

April 2018 – Jacob on the lake with us! My friend said he is “cooler than the other side of the pillow”.  Yes Jacob our giant is truly the best dog ever! He has our hearts ❤!

April 2018 – Renee and her giant schnoodle Jacob who prefers Momma Renee all to himself but he will share!

January 2018

December 2017

October 2017 – Jacob at the salon clean and smelling good but ready to go home with mama Renee!

October 2017 – Jacob’s fall 2017 photos.

September 2017 – Sitting on the porch.

August 2017 – Jacob camping with us! He is so mellow! Just hangs around. At times there were about 25 of us and he just lays down and walks around looking for hands to pet him! He is sooooo good!

Current settled adult weight of Jacob is 88 lbs. He is just the most awesome dog I have had. He gets jealous of Renee’s time and always wants to go to the office For alone time with her! He is just a love, calm, gentle super sweet and the best dog you could ask for. A typical adult giant!

January 2017 – Jacob chillin’ in the yard while mama Renee is doing puppy adoptions. “Those little things that keep biting my feet/beard, tail- she loves them but they are a little annoying to me!”

August 2016

jacob pontoon

Jacob was the lookout on the pontoon on a recent lake visit! He is not fond of getting in the water, but loves the boat and loves to go and be with us.

April 2016


Jacob is Renee’s favorite to travel with. He is so good, big, but an excellent traveler! Is he not the most handsome giant schnoodle ever? He is now 70 lbs – full grown. Full of love and gentleness, well mannered and ever so handsome! He is a show stopper where ever we go. If we are in public, no matter when or where someone inquires about him. He let’s anyone pet and love on him. He is an excellent example of a Giant Pierce Schnoodle! These were taken in September 2014.

Here is Jacob in his Valentine’s photo shoot. He is 7 months and 60 lbs. He has the personality of his mom, Delilah and the build of his dad, Sampson. All 3 are about the same height now. He loves to be with Renee. He likes to go to the office and does several times a week. He is a show stopper when we go for walks and downtown Pittsboro. He is a very handsome, sweet giant schnoodle and an excellent example of a Sampson & Delialah pup.

We are keeping one of the giant pups, boy named Jacob. Jacob is already a mama’s boy.  He is learning how to walk on his leash with a harness, loves his crate, comes when called, sit on demand and is housebroken.  He goes potty on demand for Renee – no time to sniff around – time to go!!  He is getting used to the car, not his favorite thing yet, but doing well.  At 4 months he is 30 lbs.