Sasha’s Autumn ’13 Puppies


This little guy is going to the Baker family in NC.  His name is Griswald – will either be called Grizzy or Waldo.  The Baker family loves to camp and hike and have a mountain house so Griswald will be able to run and smell the mountain air.  This little guy is the baby  – so he will be loved and spoiled!

Griswald Baker1 Griswald Baker2

This adorable mini schnoodle boy is going to the Cote family of NC.  With the kids grown a new baby is a great addition! They love to walk, play games, travel by car and lots of home activities.  This little guy will love all the attention and activity!

winston cote1 winston cote2

Yellow Collar – Little girl sold to the Mattera family in NY. The family is very excited about this beautiful little Brittany and she will get lots of attention. The family loves walks and visits to the beach and parks and camping. This little one will become a member of the family!

Bailey Mattera1 Bailey Mattera2

Pink Collar – 2nd little girl is sold to the Osborne family in NC. The young lady who will be the new ‘master’ is already over the top excited waiting for her new puppy! The pups name is Lily. The family loves the beach, family time together and hanging out. This one will hang out with them too!

lily osborne lily osborne1

The little boy that has exceptional markings with a very large white blaze is sold to the Carter-Kent family. Renee has him tagged and an ‘extra handsome boy’. The colorings are remarkable and this little guy will be so handsome when he sits and shows off his markings when grown. His name is Buddy Rex.

buddy rex1 buddy rex2


All cleaned up, tired from photos, mom is back, time to eat and rest.  Such a life!

All cleaned up - ready to sleep and eat again c All cleaned up - ready to sleep and eat again a All cleaned up - ready to sleep and eat again b

Sitting on the floor with the babies, doing photos, clipping toe nails and loving on the babies -Jacob and Delilah are close by while mom Sasha is outside for a break.  Such puppy fun!

Deli watching over Sasha's pups Jacob watching over Sasha's pups

Sasha’s mini schnoodle puppies were born this week, Wednesday October 9th. She had 5 puppies, two girls and 3 boys. All beautifully marked with colorings from both parents.

Sashas new borns.jpg (1) Sashas new borns.jpg (2) Sashas new borns.jpg (3) babies sm



  1. Denise Morrison says:

    Hey Renee!

    Let me know if any of the little girls are available… I know you have a waiting list. Just wasnt sure how many folks are wanting girls.
    Thanks! Denise 919-730-0776

  2. Carol Smothers says:

    I read somewhere on your postings that you’re due a litter of pups in early 2014. I recently lost my 10 yr old Mini Schnauzer and am absolutely devasted. I like the looks of your pups. I’m looking for a male – I don’t HAVE to have a pup, could be a young adult. When are your pups due?

    Carol Smothers
    home phone 417-888-0523
    cell phone 414-840-7513

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