Shakespeare Groff Update

Hello Renee! This is the Groff family and Shakespeare affectionately know as “Shakes”. He is now a year old now and doing fantastic! Shakespeare is very obedient and loves to learn tricks as well as his basic commands. In the time we have had him, he has been trained on and off leash, which is […]

Kasey is retiring

Kasey our apricot tuxedo marked mini poodle is retiring!  He is a sweet boy, a little shy until he gets to know you. He is being neutered this month and preparing for his retirement home. If you are interested in providing this wonderful pup and forever retirement home please email Renee directly:

Syrah’s February 2018 Litter

Syrah had her giant schnoodle babies on Sunday am February 11th.  Her and Mama Renee spent many many hours together giving birth. Very late Sunday night we were all exhausted. Pups are gorgeous!  Colorings are just awesome!  Great browns and brindles and black. Good mix of boys and girls! We have a few available = apply for a giant baby today!

Queen Sheba’s February 2018 Litter

Queen Sheba and Dad, Zachariah gave birth to beautiful pure parti puppies on Friday 2/9/18. We have 7 babies – the ‘parti’ is on! It was a very long night and day for Ms. Sheba and Mama Renee, but they are all doing well. She wanted to keep them to herself rather than share and let them be born! […]

Bianca & Max Pallister Update

February 2018 – Bianca and Max

Kino Royal Update

Happy Thanksgiving! And to all the puppies of Naomi’s November 2016 litter, Happy Birthday! What a blessing Kino has been to our lives this year! He has grown into the sweetest puppy we could have ever asked for! He is a happy Brooklyn pup! We take long walks through the park twice a day & […]

Maggie McIntosh Update

Maggie McIntosh

Sampson is retiring

Sampson our Standard Poodle is retiring. He is 5, will be 6 in March. He is a most amazing, awesome boy! He is totally handsome (see his page on the website), but he is totally trained, loves to run, play ball, go in the car. You can take him anywhere. He is very friendly and loves people and […]

Gabby Ebner Update

Happy Birthday Gabby!! It’s hard to believe Gabby has turned one (12 Dec). She enjoyed a birthday celebration with a mini cupcake made of a piece of banana topped with peanut butter-her two favorite treats. Moreover, she continues to love walks, meeting other dogs and playing tug-a-war! Merry Christmas Renee! The Ebner Family

Jolie’s January 2018 Litter

Jolie had her litter of super coated schnoodles with Zach the daddy on January 27th. These pups are being placed. 4 pups – 2 girls 2 boys. 2 parti’s (compliments of dad) and 2 dark pups which should start showing colorings from mom soon. Parti girl on pink blanket, I am holding the little parti boy he is marked with […]