Update Gabriel Palladino

We very much appreciate the pics you sent us.  Bringing Gabriel home was a happy time and we are loving him more with each passing day.  Yes, Miss Katie is quite the ham and spoiled rotten!

Katie has exhibited a sundry of emotions and behaviors since Gabriel has become a part of our family.  She was mesmerized with him at first, as if he was a battery-operated toy.  She watched Gabriel’s every move with the greatest of amusement.  It wasn’t long before the two of them were rough-housing in sheer contentment.  Gabriel can hang right in there with Katie, growling and barking as needed!  By day three, Katie’s initial awe was replaced by being down-in-the-dumps, as if she couldn’t figure out why Gabriel was still here. She refused Gabriel’s offers to play, laid around moping and acted out by pooping and peeing in the house. Katie’s green eyes told it all, as she looked at us with disgust.  Her thunder had been stolen!  The forlorn attitude continued for a day or so; however, one morning shortly thereafter, Katie woke up with the greatest of excitement for Gabriel to come out of his crate and play with her. That’s where we still are for the time being!  Whew!  Am hoping this emotion will hang around for a long while!  She still displays jealousy but this, too shall pass in time.

Gabriel does extremely well in his crate.  He sleeps for five or six hours without a whimper.  When he needs to pee-pee, I take him out and tuck him back in the crate to finish the night.  He will sometimes whimper for just a moment before going back to sleep, but most times he doesn’t make a sound. We offer him outside bathroom time frequently, but as you well know, sometimes a puppy just has to go whether it is inside or out!  We never mind wiping up after him, as we know it is temporary.

Today Gabriel had his initial visit with our veterinarian,  Dr. Robin Hubbard.  In Dr. Hubbard’s words, “Gabriel is a fine healthy puppy and I am giving him an A+!”  She was impressed with the vet info you provided us, saying it was very helpful.  She also commented that Gabriel appeared to come from a good breeder.  We whole-heartedly concurred!  Gabriel now weighs 4.75 pounds and received his first Bordetella vax.  They were unable to check for worms as Gabriel was very opposed to them taking a stool sample.  I will collect a sample and take it to them tomorrow.  A complimentary nail trim was done and an Advantix II Puppy kit was given to us.  He has return visits on Sept. 24 and Oct. 6 for additional shots.

Am attaching a few photos.  I promise to keep in touch!

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