Meesha Rogers Update

Hi Renee!

I am not sure if you typically get updates this far after your dogs have been adopted but I thought I would send you a couple pictures of Meesha.  She is almost a year old now and has adjusted wonderfully in our small NJ town.  She has had the opportunity to go swimming, canoeing and even played on the ice when the lake froze over this winter!  She loved her first snow!  She has been such a blessing to our family and she loves the children so much.  She has a special bond with our youngest.  They are best buds.  Just recently Meesha started growing some white fur mixed in with her black. It almost looks like gray hair coming in as it is sprinkled throughout her coat.  It is really cool!  Have you ever seen that before?

Anyway we hope you are doing well and thank you again for choosing is to adopt Meesha!

Joanne and Paul Rogers

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