Sasha’s August 2016 Litter

This is Ernie Eisenacher!  He will also be a forever NC puppy! The family has 3 kids, 2 girls and 1 boy and they are just so excited to have Ernie come home to stay. They have visited him already! They love sports and outside, singing theater and gym.  This little guy will enjoy all the activities. This family is a neighbor to the family who owns Maggie Perryman so he will have a built in Schnoodle best friend right down the street!  What fun for both!

This little fellow Grady will be going home to the Gruber family in MD.  They are very excited about their new addition.  The family loves sports and running, reading and puzzles.  They love family activities and the beach. The 3 kids are really excited about the new puppy coming to live with them.

This little girl is Rosey Miller in NC! Kids are grown so this is the new baby in the house! They love to spend time outdoors and hike and family visits. This little doll puppy will be glad for all the fun! She also might find herself in a large pocketbook! She is little and just a cutie pup!

This is the parti male of Sasha’s going to the Carter family in NC, his name is Griffey! They opted to keep his tail!  It has a white tip – really cute!  He is full of energy, very loving and playful.  The Carter family has another pup they believe is a Schnoodle but was a rescue so not sure. He will love a playmate and this guy will love that too! The family loves to hike, garden and hang out. Sounds like lots of fun!

This is Sasha’s parti girl – Ruthie Belle.  Her forever home will be with the DiBuo family in NC.  She will be the only baby so get lots of time and attention.  The family loves to walk, run and hike. This little girl will love all of that.

Meet Sergeant (called Sarge) Pepper! We are keeping this pup as a show mini Schnoodle pup. Renee’s sister, Michele is planning on getting him therapy certified, assuming he temperament tests to Visit the VA hospitals. Thus the military name. He is just a great little boy!  Watch him grow with us!

Sasha and babies hanging out on our new deck doing a cook out on Labor Day.

These are Sasha’s 3 black with colorings boys. They are basically twins – I cannot tell them apart! Just adorable!

Sasha had her babies on Saturday August 20th. What a colorful litter! Black and whites/black and silver/black and apricot. Great white blazes and chest. And cute little feet! 3 boys/3 girls. They are all sold and families are being notified.

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