Randolph Scott Update

Hi Renee!

Thought I’d send you a few pictures of Randolph Scott.  He is absolutely a joy!!!  And smart!  He has mastered the garage steps, front porch steps and the back porch steps!  We have a foot stool in front of our love seat and puppy steps up to the couch.  He’ll go up the puppy steps onto the couch, hop onto the foot stool and hops over to the love seat.  Rowdy Yates and Remington Steele can’t escape Randolph Scott except when they jump up on the bed!  Remington Steele is getting better with Randolph Scott but still feels left out as Rowdy and Randolph bonded so quickly and it split up Rowdy and Remington.  Remington doesn’t have anyone to play with.  When it comes suppertime Randolph Scott is quite demanding.  Bark and growl, bark and growl and bark some more.  He has the cutest growl.  Very talkative!

Hope you and Bill enjoyed Williamsburg.  Take care and I’ll be in touch!  Thanks again for breeding remarkable schnoodles!

Beth Batten in Virginia Beach, VA

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