Pippa Pender Update


I wanted to thank you again for Pippa as well as the dog food you gave us, and to give you an update. Pippa is just the most precious puppy and we love having her around. In the last week she has already learned sit, lay down, come, and stay. She is also getting really great at walking on her leash- and all at nine weeks old!!  We love having her around. At her first puppy visit with the vet, our veterinarian was really impressed with how healthy she is and that she didn’t have any parasites. He said she was an excellent breed combination and had a great temperament.


So cute!! Thank you for the photos! Pippa is doing really well. I’ve been at home all summer and have really enjoyed getting to spend so much time with her during the day. I start school on Friday so we’ve been getting her used to spending time at home alone. So far so good! Bryson is able to spend 30 minutes with her at lunchtime each day. Here is a photo from one of their lunch breaks last week. It’s safe to say she is a little spoiled!

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