Murphy Hancock Update

Good Morning Renee! All is well over here in Apex.  So, the kids staged a coup and informed us that they just couldn’t get used to the name Fergus…so we all pow-wowed and came up with one that everyone adores and stays with the Irish feel Trey and I wanted, too.  Meet Murphy (fka Fergus).  🙂  He had his puppy checkup yesterday and all was perfect.  The little bugger was so comfortable, he fell asleep on the vet table. hahaha.  He loves being with us and the kids love playing and checking in on him first thing when they wake up in the morning.  He is getting used to the crate and is slowly but surely learning that when we walk away briefly that we will come back. We’ve also noticed that even at this early age, he likes to entertain and make us laugh.  Silly, little pup.

Thank you and Bill again for this bundle of fluffy sweetness!  He has filled a hole in our lives that had been missing and we are blessed to have found you and your family.

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