Oreo Frankhauser Update

Dear Renee,

I am in touch with an update on our amazing giant schnoodle, Oreo.  Oreo has been with us now for four weeks and each day we love him even more.  He joins us for walks, car rides, backyard fun, and afternoons at work.  Oreo loves to fetch a ball (or a stick) and can find a stray sock anywhere in the house.  He is the sweetest, most loving puppy and is just a joy to have in our home.  Kids are his kryptonite and if he gets near a school he simply cannot contain his excitement–he just loves them, the kids that live in his house and the ones he’s never met.  Thank you for raising such wonderful puppies and allowing us to give one of them a forever home.  We cannot say enough good about our fur baby and you as a breeder (and our vet backed us up noting that he came from a very responsible breeder as evidenced by his excellent health, your outstanding notes, and his comfortability with

Thank you so much!

Our best,
The Fankhauser family

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