Shakespeare Groff Update

Hello Renee!

This is the Groff family and Shakespeare affectionately know as “Shakes”. He is now a year old now and doing fantastic! Shakespeare is very obedient and loves to learn tricks as well as his basic commands. In the time we have had him, he has been trained on and off leash, which is amazing because we are able to take him hiking, to the beach and even his walks off leash and he listens perfectly! He has learned to shake, open doors, beg and his newest trick is crawl. He clearly loves to please and would take a simple pat and good boy over a treat anyway!

He is also fantastic on car rides and trips! He loves to just lay on the floor and get pets the whole ride 😉 Shakespeare has grown to be a gorgeous dog, he has a wavy but very fluffy coat that is oh so soft! We do, however, have to remember to brush him regularly but he love the extra attention!

He also loves to play with our neighbors Irish doodle and of course his older companion Sophia, our senior dog. Shakespeare is weighing in at 65 pounds and hasn’t gained anything in a month, but oh how he loves to eat! He is up to 4 whole cups of dry food plus an additional cup of wet mixed in per day! Holy cow! Or should we say dog? Haha!

Anyway enjoy the pictures of the lovely Shakespeare and we cannot be happier or more thankful that he is in our lives!

The Groff’s and Shakes

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