Min O’Neill Update

Min just turned seven but is as agile and sprightly as ever!

She still loves balls more than any dog I have ever seen, but we had to switch off the mini tennis balls (and everyone should too because they are apparently like sandpaper on the teeth) to another kind which she loves: “Hol-ee Roller” by JW in small size. Nice and squishy. She can catch any throw we give her. She could have been a Yankees outfielder.

Min is such a great dog. Incredibly smart and sweet. Our daughter taught her to sit, lie down, roll over, stand up on her back legs, do downward dog, and fall over flat when we point a finger at her and say “Bang.”

She travels really well. We have had her with us flying from NYC to California and Minnesota.

We love her so much! Thank you Renee!!!!

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