Rusty Quinones Update

rustyHi Renee!

Hope all is well. I check the website every now and then and saw the new Giant Schnauzer you got from Canada and the pups born in November–so exciting!

Hayley and I have been wanting to send you an update on Rusty, but were trying to hold out for a few months. He has become our world! We simply cannot imagine life without him now. He’s the best little pup I’ve ever owned, so obedient and loving. Everywhere we take him people are shocked at how well behaved he is for being so young. He’s now a massive 11.4 pounds, and he knows ALL of the neighbors–not because he is loud–he barely barks–it’s because he is so friendly to everyone.  🙂

Hope you are doing well! Here’s a pic of the Ru telling me to stop watching TV and play!

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