Penny Retires

Penny has had her final litter and her retirement home has been determined.  The Pierce Family in NC meet and fell in love with Penny.  When her pups all go home and she is spayed and prepared for retirement they will be given her the forever home of retirement. With a family of 4 she […]

Penny’s June 2019 Litter

As of today I have 1 little male pup of Penny’s litter available. Apply today for a beautiful Penny pup! This is Light Blue Collar. Brindle color. Sweet, handsome boy! This is yellow collar.  He is an all black puppy.  He has hair more like momma Penny, a little straighter.  He has an awesome personality. Probablythe […]

Penny’s September 2018 Litter

All of Penny’s pups have been adopted – Thanks!!! Brown collar male, this little guy is just cute!! He is a beautiful chocolate apricot with a black stripe down his back. He is a real love! Such a sweet boy. Light blue collar male, this guy is sweet and gentle. He was well behaved for […]

Penny’s September 2017 Litter

Pink hearts collar is going to be the new member of the Ashley family in NC. Her name is Scout. 2 girls and one boy r excited about their new puppy! They love to play in the yard and spend time as a family doing things together. Scout will fit right in and enjoy the attention […]

Gable Ingber Update

Renee, Hope all is well and from your newsletter you are in puppy madness!! Gable turned 1 this past Wednesday and I am so thankful to have such a sweet loving baby. She still has her puppy moments which keep me on my toes but she is great! Thank you for such an amazing baby. Carole & Gable

Rusty Vatcher Update

Hi Renee, I thought I would give you an update around Valentine’s Day on our little love bug, Rusty, also known as Ru Ru. He’s now one and a half years old and has stopped growing at 16 inches tall, 25 inches long, and 16 pounds (similar to his dad, Casey). Brandon and I still […]

Penny’s February 2017 Litter

Announcing Penny’s litter!  Penny had 7 beautiful babies on Thursday Feb 16th. 6 girls and 1 little boy! They are all doing great and Penny is an excellent mom! Penny is due 2/13 just in time for Valentine’s puppies! She got a bath and groom preparing for her babies. She has a large tummy – we’ll see how many she […]

Gable Ingber Update

Thought you’d like to see a picture of gable experiencing her 1st New York City snowfall Hope all is well with all of you!! Merry Hanukkah, Carole & Gable

Gable Ingber Update

Renee, Thought you would line a picture and update on gable. She as you know is almost 9 mts and is a bit over 14 lbs. i hope she is done growing. She comes to work everyday and my clients are totally in love with her. People actually stop me on the street to tell […]

Wally Dixon Update

Hi Renee, Thought I would send you a couple pictures of Wally at 1 year old.  He is awesome!  His one year check-up found him healthy and happy.  He weighs in at 21 pounds and he is sleek and muscular and he runs like the wind.  His favorite phrase to hear is “Let’s go to […]