Wally Dixon Update

Hi Renee,

My goodness – I didn’t want to take this long to send you an update on Wally but as I’m sure you know, life happens!  lol.  Wally is the most darling boy!  He is so smart and sweet and makes friends everywhere he goes.  His first couple of months with us I often had to remind people that he did in fact belong to us and no, they could not keep him!  Here are a few photos for you.

1).  His first week home.  He settled right in and was full of energy.
2).  We spent a lot of time at a local park when he was little.  He loved napping on a blanket in the grass and watching people on the walkways and children on the swings.  He was a very popular guy at the people park.
3).  After about a week of potty training he was ringing the potty bells on his own. SO smart!  He was fully house-broken by 12 weeks with only an accident or two when I wasn’t listening to him.
4).  It’s hilarious that he will let me put hats on his head, although I don’t often because he’s a DOG – lol.  But he was the cutest little sailor boy for Halloween and greeted every trick or treater with a wagging tail.
5). He sometimes lays on the floor with his legs splayed out behind him and watches television.  So cute.
6).  After his first puppy haircut.  I was sad to see a lot of his black and tan tipping go but he still has a lot of caramel and apricot coloring along his back, legs and his ears.  His ears did strange things when he was teething and now his left ear flops forward and his right flops to the side.  It’s adorable.
7).  Deciding if he likes the snow or not.  He decided he most definitely does!
8).  He opted for a baby undershirt instead of a cone after his neutering surgery. Much more comfortable.  He healed very quickly and was back to his usual, energetic antics after only a couple of days.
9).  He has completed Beginner and Intermediate Obedience classes and although he has quite a stubborn streak when it comes to “come Wally”  he is a champ at sit, down, high five, heel, wait, stay, roll over, relax, drop it and leave it. He is such a smartypants!

He is very loved and very happy.  We can’t thank you enough for bringing him into our lives.

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