Hannah’s May 2016 Litter

White collar (female) – Her name is Leia and she will become the newest member of the Schaap family in TN.  She will be the girl in the group to 3 boys. The family loves hiking and running and just hanging out at home. This little girl will love all the attention.

Pink collar (female) – This is pink collar, female that is the Stack puppy. They live in NC and this is the new baby. She is the biggest female in the litter. They had a giant schnoodle but it now belongs to the son and they want one of their own. With Veterinarian training in the family this pup will always be in great hands. They like to be out in the yard, walking, go to the beach, fishing. This girl will love to be the constant companion they are looking for.

Green collar (female)

Yellow collar (male) – Going home with the Winterleitner family to NY. They were very thrilled with Lincoln and he will fit right In to their lifestyle and love NY.

Blue collar (male) – This is Blu Chiusano going home to NJ as his forever home. They own a store and he will get to go to work everyday too! How wonderful. The girls are grown so this is the new baby in the house. With a pool, work, sport and going to the beach this guy will love his new life.

Red collar (male)

Orange collar (Male)

White collar (Male)Buddy Hartman goes to his forever home in VA. His new little master is thrilled with her pup and looking forward to training him. They will be best friends in no time.

Play Time.

Bath Time.

Bringing pups home from the Vet after tail docking Hannah would not fit in the laundry basket with her babies, so she just kept a good eye on them! So cute!!

Hannah and her babies.



  1. They’re so cute!!!! Any males in the litter?

  2. Rob Moody says:

    Hannah looks whooped in that second pic. Poor momma needs a rest.

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