Jolie’s May 2016 Litter

Harper Whorley adopting – he is a new member of the Whorley family.  Art and craft shows, parks, walking and TV are great past times the family will enjoy with their new pup.   Skilled in creating watercolors of pets, I expect Harper will be the center of a piece quickly. To enjoy the art please check out:

Chloe is a member of the Airheart family in NC.  The family loves to spend time at home, relaxing outside and walking. This little girl will enjoy the time with her new humans.

Cassie is going home with the Gunnelis/Gregory family in NC. Having grown up with schnauzers and poodles it is neat to get a schnoodle! They love to walk and go to the beach. She will get lots of love and attention!

Jolie had 3 little babies on 5/19/2016. 1 boy 2 girls. The families are being notified. All of the pups are sold – thank you.

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