Jolie has retired

Our beautiful Jolie has retired and is with her new family and being very spoiled! She is traveling and has lots of cushy beds and sweaters and coats.  Really living the retirement life with the Tablitz family in FL. We miss her but she is in a super home and so loved. With her 2 […]

Jolie’s September 2018 Litter

Jolie had her babies with Meschach as proud papa!  He was so funny, during delivery he just laid across the room and listened and watched from afar. She had 3 little babies, 2 girls and 1 little boy.  We will be keeping the 2 little girls to keep our super coated line going. The little boy […]

Katie Jolie Bradley Update

Katie Jolie just got her “summer cut”  and thinks she looks so much like Jolie with her short hair. I can’t call her “Scruffy” now! She is a dear little gal at 17 months old and such a pleasure. She loves her balls and antler chews and is a fun little companion. Know you are […]

Gabby Ebner Update

Happy Birthday Gabby!! It’s hard to believe Gabby has turned one (12 Dec). She enjoyed a birthday celebration with a mini cupcake made of a piece of banana topped with peanut butter-her two favorite treats. Moreover, she continues to love walks, meeting other dogs and playing tug-a-war! Merry Christmas Renee! The Ebner Family

Jolie’s January 2018 Litter

This is the black girl of Jolie’s litter going to the Avery family in NC, her name is Clover. The kids are very excited about getting their own puppy. Cousins in Texas have a schnoodle so they know they love the schnoodle breed! The family love to play outside, shooting hopes and hanging with friends and neighbors. This little girl will […]

Katie Jolie Bradley Update

Thinking of you and wishing you a “Happy Fall”. Can you tell  who I am ….almost eleven months old now and weigh 14 pounds. Think you would be proud of me! Guess Who?

Katie Jolie Bradley Update

Renee, Like you said about Jolie,”each time she is groomed, her coat looks different”. So true for Katie Jo. Yesterday she was groomed and is light like Kasey underneath , but still has her dark racing stripe down her back, and a blackish head and tail. So cute and stylish with such a lovely thick coat…..thanks to her […]

Gabby Ebner Update

Hello Renee! I messaged you from your blog since I didn’t know who to post a photo of gabby with the message I sent you. Attached you will find two photos of your darling sweet Gabby. We call her many names, but Gabby is our favorite and sometimes we call her the Gabster, Gabby Gabreski […]

Katie Jolie Bradley Update

Renee, Thought you would enjoy seeing how nice little Katie looks after she had her first “official” puppy grooming today. They washed, did a little clipping, and brushed her with a wire brush….plus adding the scarf! She is a real beauty! Katie is three months old and such a fun little girl. I thank you and Jolie every day […]

Asher Landau Update

This is Asher Landau (Jolie’s last litter) he is just WAY WAY TOO CUTE or should I Say handsome! What a great looking pup!