Phoebe’s November 2016 Litter

This little girl is going home with the Freeze family in NC. The family loves times with friends and family.  Neighborhood walks, parts and sight seeing.  This little one will tag right alone for the fun and adventure.

This is the Weatherly pup, who are also in NC. The family will give all their attention to their new little pup.  They love the outdoors, sports and walking, hiking and checking out new places.  This little girl will fit right in.

This is the Flemming pup who will live in NC with her new family.  The family loves outdoor activities, walks, checking out dog friendly restaurants and going on trips. They are looking forward to their new addition.

This is the Conklin pup, her name is Missy.  The Conklin own another older Pierce Schnoodle, Chewie.  This will be his little sister. The family loves to walk, be outside and family time. This little girl will get lots of attention.

Phoebe had 4 sweet babies for her first litter, also on Wed Nov 23rd.


  1. Jennifer Mancier says:

    Hello! My husband and I recently bought our boys a rescue puppy but I’m allergic! We are all heartbroken. Trying to find a dog that doesn’t shed. Do you have any female puppies available?

  2. Are there any left from this litter?

  3. Mary Dickmann says:

    Hi Renee, I’m on your mailing list which I just got for the first time and I’m looking at puppies I would like a female a little darker than a light color,put I’m not sure, however my question to you would be can we come see litters before I would say I mean how can people pick out their new family member that they don’t see. This is all new to me, I’ve had dogs but never have done it this way. Sincerely, Mary

    • You apply, get approved and mail in your deposit. At that time we match the color, timing, etc. preference to litters coming up. You are then on that litter list. When the pups are born after a few weeks it is determined which pup is yours based on your preferences. They are all so wonderful sweet pups I have never had an uphappy family on adoption day. Many times we send individual pics to help select your pup.
      Tks. Renee

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