Sophia’s November 2016 Litter

This is the black pup of Sophia’s.  She has 4 white feet! Too cute.  He is the newest member of the DeLoach of NC, his name is Ashby. The family loves to walk, hike, go to the beach and relax at home.  This little girl will love all that attention.

This is one of Sophia’s parti girls going to the Holliday family in NC, her name is Bella. They have been waiting a long time for a parti girl!  She is just adorable. The apricot on the face comes from Kasey, the dad.  Just a great touch! They are retired and will be devoting the time to the new little girl in the House along with grandchildren that visit! The love to travel, walk, be outside and garden.  This little girl will be perfect for them!

This is the Allen puppy of Sophia’s, her name is Lacy II.  The Allen’s have been waiting almost 2 years for a Pierce mini parti girl – and here she is!  They are over the top excited.  Retiring this year, this little girl will be getting 100% of the attention and get to play with grandchildren too. Her name is Lacy II.  The family lives in VA on the bay so she will learn to swim, kayak, go boating and dig in the sand.  She will travel with them, go for rides, work in the garden and workshop. Sounds like an awesome life for this special little girl!

Sophia &  Leah’s pups hanging out in playpen. Outside play time for Sophia & Leah’s pups. Getting close to going home!  They love freedom and room to roam! Leah and Sophia’s pups in the play pen. Checking out yummy mush! Can you find the puppies among the toys? Pups having outside the box time in the living room. Leah & Sophia’s pups have migrated to the play pen set up on our sun porch. They get a bath when moved, so they loved getting cleaned up and are getting used to new found freedom! Pics of bath time.

Sophia had her beautiful parti babies on 11/16.  3 girls. She is a great mom and all babies are doing great.

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