Chewy (Chewbacca) Hasty Update

Hey Renee – Happy New Year!

I wanted to  give you an update on Chewy!  He had a big New Year’s eve getting acclimated to his new home.  If you zoom in on the pic of Chewy with the bottle toy it actually says Chewy on it!!

On New Year’s Day my son’s dog came over and visited.   I could not have asked for any better behavior from both of them.   The socialization process was great!

Sleep:  Most nights Chewy has slept through till 5 or 6 – again, we can’t expect much better than that at this age!   Training:   He clearly knows his name now and on the 2nd day here, he started scratching some on the door!   Now, of course, we have occasional accidents in the house but Chewy (and us) are getting well trained to his outdoor needs.   Speaking of outdoors, he loves playing in our fenced in yard.  Today, he discovered the birds and he just very respectfully sat and watched them flying around and swooping in to the feeders.  Chewy loves his little bed seen in the pic and also his crate.

Yesterday, Chewy had another big day as he went to the vet.  I was so impressed at how our vet and his staff spent almost an hour with Chewy.  The vet was very impressed with Chewy’s calm but friendly disposition, and the progress he has made so far.

Thanks for all your wonderful care and attention to Chewy!

Best to you – Phyllis

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