Leah’s June 2019 Litter

This guy is so handsome! Few white hairs on chin, small white blaze on chest. He has a great personality too! Tagged as red collar on the red throw. She is a beauty! This little girl tagged as purple collar is basically black, few white hairs on chin and a small little white blaze on […]

Ollie Kirkpatrick Update

Hi Renee: Just wanted to tell you how thrilled we are with Ollie! What a little sweetheart he is….adorable, sociable, smart, funny and such a cute face! He’s adjusting very well to life in Wayne, Pennsylvania and fits perfectly with our family. He’s playing daily with his sister Gracie and they love each other so […]

Leah’s April 2018 Litter

Light Blue Collar pup will be going to the MacDougald family in GA. A young girl is very excited about the new puppy.  A couple older doggies in the house may not be so excited! The family likes to kayak, hike and long walks.  This little pup will enjoy all the outside time. Dark Blue Collar is going to […]

Mookie Harris Update

Hi Renee, Here’s a picture of Mookie with his big boy haircut and Halloween bandana. He’s doing great! Mookie and Felix are best buddies. We are so glad we got him. Hope all is good there. Happy Halloween! Cindi and Kenney Harris

Bailey Smith Update

Hi Renee! I hope you are doing well! We are doing great! Bailey has been pure joy in our lives! She’s so smart. She knows come, sit, lay down, and spin around. Teaching her to wave bye this week and about to sign her up for a puppy training course. We took her to the […]

Ginger White Update

Renee thank you so much. Ginger is such a sweetie pie! And she is so smart – she is already telling when she needs to go by standing at the top of the stairs and looking around. We are just in love! We had a big thunderstorm last night that woke up my son and […]

Ginger & the Giants

Jacob of course is my giant schnoodle ‘son’ and Ginger the last pup to be adopted in Leah’s litter both at office with me getting a drink together. Truly the big and little! Tinker Martin in boarding (giant of Raquel’s) and Ginger.

recent play time in the yard

My doggies enjoying new patio, black silver schnoodle is Cosmos.

Leah’s May 2017 Litter

Sold! All puppies have been sold, thank you! Renee’s pick of the litter, her name is Christy and was adopted by the Darrah family, she is tagged as Red Hearts Collar. Lots of play time and walks with outside activities. She will love all that. This is Mookie Green Hearts Collar – Harris family. This is Benny Utt. He […]

Rosie McGuire Update

Hi Renee, Rosie is doing great. Sleeping great at night. Not loving the crate in the day, but already getting better. She LOVED the snow and wore her sweater. Attached are a few photos from today and since we got her!