Phoebe’s July 2017 Litter

Yellow collar went home with the Ferlauto family from NC. Working at home a lot this little girl will be the new sidekick and rarely alone.  Her name is Phi-be (pronounced like her mom’s name just spelled differently). Working on boats, gardening and playing with the new puppy and time in the water will be the new life for this puppy – sounds good!

This is Ryder, purple collar of Phoebe’s that has gone home with the Coil family in VA.  With 3 girls in the house this little guy will love it! The family likes to be outside, explore, run and walk and soccer.  This fella will join in all the fun and activities.

This is Orange Collar, female of Phoebe’s.  Her name is Chloe.  She is the new baby to the Yoder family in FL.  She will be treated like a child, take walks, hang out and enjoy all the activities.  Adding bike rides, walking and gardening, she will love her new life.

This is Navy Collar Male of Phoebe’s pups. he has joined the Lillberg family of NC, his name is Chase.  With a little one and now a little pup, neither will lack for attention! He also will have a buddy with 4 legs to snuggle with too! The family likes to hike, swim and visit family. He will enjoy the activity and fun.

Phoebe – pink collar.  This is Rosie, now the new addition to the Bennett Family in SC. She will be joining the family and a labradoodle – they will have loads of fun together. They love to play outdoors, games, go to the beach and stuff with the dogs.

Phoebe – black collar, Male – name is Champ.  He went home with the Edgington family in DC.  The whole family is all about Pierce Schnoodles and this makes #3 for the family and extended family. They can have their own Schnoodle party! This little guy will not lack for attention, go outside a lot, run, play sports and of course time around DC. He will love all of that!

Phoebe’s pup – male Light Blue Collar name is Pim. His new home is with the Fleming family in GA. He is the new baby and will get all the attention. The family likes to bike, walk and trips to the beach. Pim will like it all!

This is the Hulett pup (red collar) of Phoebe’s. She will be going home soon to NC, her name is Maise. The family likes to be outdoors, hike, bike and camp. This little girl will enjoy the time, love and attention she will get.

Phoebe had her babies July 24th. All are good and she is doing great!


  1. Karen Dolkas says:

    Hello again! I see from reading further (which I should have done earlier) that you suggest no flight longer than 2 hours, so it seems we would not be acceptable as new parents for one of your puppies since we are Californians. If you are inclined to make an exception, please let me know. We would provide a warm, loving home that I am confident would meet your standards. We have had many dogs over the years, including raising many a puppy. Our children are now adults and we have 5 grandchildren who live in the area.

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