Griffey Carter Update

Hi Renee,

Griffey is 11 months old. He loves to play ball and play with other dogs. He is 16 inches tall now which is taller than expected and taller than both his parents I think–but still a nice size. Quite happy to have been able to keep his tail-he thinks it is a very fun toy and loves to chase it! Attaching some photos.

He graduated from Puppy II and Beginner I. He commonly sits around with a big smile on his face. Very happy and smart and quite the clown! I am really enjoying him and Sebastian has warmed up to him as well! Just a wonderful, loving, happy, fun pup! He wonders about his siblings and what they are doing…

I hope your year is going well.



  1. Diane Miller says:

    Oh I want one just like him! But female LOL! I can really see his smile!

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