Raquel’s August 2017 Litter

This is Pink Collar on the plaid throw. Her name is Luna and her forever home will be in Fl with the Daily family. They own another Pierce mini schnoodle named Toby. They are all looking forward to Luna joining the family.

Purple Collar female of Raquel’s will be going home to OH with the Truitt family as their new fur baby, her name is Wednesday. Two girls will love this pup and she will check out the cat & chickens as part of her new home. Walking, playing ball and other sports is a favorite of the family and she will enjoy all the activity too.

Raquel pup – Green Collar is going to become the newest member of the Shalhoub family in NJ. Her name is Stella. She will be the new kid in the house as the other ones are grown and moved. She will have 2 other pups to play with and help teach her the ropes. Walking is the favorite activity and she will enjoy the outdoors.

The Cieleski family in NY will be taking yellow collar home as their new little female puppy, her name is Schatzi (shot zee) it means Sweetheart or Little Treasure in German. The family has 3 boys, so an active household, love to go for walks and the beach. Sports and walking the boardwalk fills the day. This little girl will love all that!

This is grey collar male of Raquel’s litter. His name is Oreo and he will become a new member of the Fankhauser family in VA. With a family of 3 girls they wanted a boy puppy!  They family loves to ride bikes, walk, hikes, swimming, tag and kickball.  Love the outdoors. This guy will love all that fun, love and attention.

This is light blue collar, male puppy of Raquel’s. He is on the solid Blue throw. He is a very handsome pup with awesome markings. He will be going to the Chasin family in CT, his name is Petey. The family loves walks and weekend trips with the dog. They are very excited about their new baby since the other ones are grown!

This is Navy Collar, male of Raquel’s that will be joining the Hancock family in NC, his name is Murphy. The family has a boy and a girl and they are both excited about their new giant baby coming home! They all love the outdoors, time at the park, ball fields and the family farm. This guy will love the activity and fun.

Meet Red Collar on the red throw, she is going home with the McIntosh family in NC, her name is Maggie. She is the largest in the litter, she did not beat the boys by much, but she is a big baby girl! Very loving, confident, gentle and totally beautiful pup. She is black with a white blaze on her chest.

This pup is going to the Freeman family in NC. Her name is Roux and she is tagged as tan collar. They love spending time at home, doing yard work and going on walks. This little girl will be glad to tag along.

This is Orange Collar on the lion towel, her name is Lulu Numeroff and will by flying to meet her new parents.  She also is just beautiful! A great brindle color and just a sweet puppy.

Raquel pups – they spent a lot of the afternoon of this most beautiful day in the yard. Trying to show different colorings coming out. They are so soft, sweet and just loveable! Introduced to mush to see if they were hungry, they like that and then of course the best place to sleep is in the clean mush pan! No better place! Growing!!! Eyes are almost open.

I am seeing black, black with white, brindle black, brindle brown. They are just gorgeous!!!

Raquel got a bath after the birth of her babies at the Chatham Pet Styling Salon here in Pittsboro. The owner, Barbara is a friend of Renee’s, gave Raquel a nice bath while the pups were at Vet for initial vet check, tail docking and dew removal. Raquel is settled into her mama routine, loving and feeding her babies and is such a joy to be around. She is an awesome giant girl!

Early Monday morning, 8/14/2017, Raquel gave birth to 10 beautiful Schnoodle babies! All are doing well, everyone tired, including Renee who laid in the lounge chair beside the whelping box all night – no rest for anyone that night, but all went well. To adopt one of these beauties submit an application!


  1. I completely appreciate this birth story! We breed Tibetan Terriers and one of our bitches WANTS me there. So funny, not quit the usual story of mom’s going of to a dark corner. I am always tired after a whelping. I wish we lived closer. I love the idea of a giant and poodle mix.

  2. Diana Jones says:

    Prayers to Raquel and her recovery. Beautiful/ precious puppies. Hope all is well with everyone. Congratulations ???? ♥️????

  3. Who is the father?

  4. Are the Pink, Red & Orange puppies still available? Could you post updated Pictures if they are?

  5. Are the Pink, Red & Orange puppies still available? Could you post updated Pictures if they are?

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