Bailey Smith Update

Hi Renee!

I hope you are doing well! We are doing great! Bailey has been pure joy in our lives! She’s so smart. She knows come, sit, lay down, and spin around. Teaching her to wave bye this week and about to sign her up for a puppy training course.

We took her to the beach for the third time this past weekend and she finally loves the boat and she swam for the first time. She loved it and was jumping in and out of the water. She even jumped off the dock into the water as we were getting off the boat  She’s so bold (and quite stubborn sometimes lol). Loves car rides and frozen green beans and she gets a lot of attention when we are out with her.

Still working on puppy biting…she loves to nip at our feet. We’ve had her groomed as well. The groomer said she did great for a puppy her age. She weighs 9 pounds!

Thank you Renee!!

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