Kino Royal Update

Happy Thanksgiving! And to all the puppies of Naomi’s November 2016 litter, Happy Birthday!

What a blessing Kino has been to our lives this year! He has grown into the sweetest puppy we could have ever asked for!

He is a happy Brooklyn pup! We take long walks through the park twice a day & Kino has become a favorite in the neighborhood. He loves to greet all the dogs & people he encounters. He’s known for his energetic bounce & loving personality.

Whether cuddling up in a warm lap or chasing after his toys, Kino fills our hearts with so much joy & we’re incredibly grateful to Pierce Schnoodles for bringing this puppy into our lives!

Have a wonderful holiday season & enjoy these pics from his birthday photo shoot!

We had a wonderful first Christmas with Kino! Here are a couple more pics from our holidays together! Kino is proving more loving and cuddly with each day! He’s a blessing to our family!

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