Naomi’s June 2019 SCHNAUZER Litter

Navy collar – Male schnauzer, gorgeous salt /pepper markings. This fella is wonderful! Solid, Sweet, snuggle pup! Tan collar male – This little guy is over the top! He is a little smaller then siblings, has awesome liver color Fur with nice white on the chin and blaze. He has a super sweet personality. Loves to be held […]

Naomi’s June 2018 Litter

Green collar: Going to the Pavlovsky home in  VA. As the only ‘baby’ in the house he will get all the attention. His name is Jack. One of his playmates is Theo, also a Pierce Mini Schnoodle. They will love that. With activities of boating, walking, visiting friends and family and entertaining this little guy will be a great pup and […]

Kino Royal Update

Happy Thanksgiving! And to all the puppies of Naomi’s November 2016 litter, Happy Birthday! What a blessing Kino has been to our lives this year! He has grown into the sweetest puppy we could have ever asked for! He is a happy Brooklyn pup! We take long walks through the park twice a day & […]

Naomi’s November 2017 Litter

Green collar male on dark green puppy throw. He is nice size boy black in color. Red collar on joy throw. Small in size. Nice white blaze on chest. Male puppy blue collar on blue snowman throw. Small white blaze tiny white on chin. Purple collar female. White blaze on chest. Touch of white on chin. Little white tip on one front […]

Mona Borne Update

Mona Borne (Naomi Green Collar Girl) with her new big brother and just too cute! First day together in new home!

Klara Taylor Update

Just wanted to let you know that Klara is doing well and adjusting to her new lifestyle here in Williamsburg. She was spayed/micro-chipped on Nov. 8th  and spent Thanksgiving week in lovely Charleston, SC. I’ve attached a few recent photos. Mark

Naomi’s November 2016 Litter

Lexi Gensler, red collar of Naomi’s litter. This is Naomi’s green collar that adopted to the Edey-Nowell family. Her name is Ginger. This is the Cottle family adopting Naomi’s white collar pup. They live in VA. They have named her Prim. One of Naomi’s babies – so worn out after the photo session! Gosh it tires me out […]

Ronan Kennihan Update

Renee, I thought you might like to see what a great dog Ronan is growing into now. He’s been an absolute delight and has save my heart from the tragedy of losing Riley. He’s bright, sweet, playful, and loving. He’s absolutely attached to me, which can sometimes be a problem, but is endearing. (though crying […]

Naomi’s May 2016 Litter

This is the Tysinger-Furhmann pup named Charley.  His forever home is in NC. He is so handsome! They have a family that has lots of doggies, now they have their own. They like to walk, hike, run, moving and family friend time. Charlie will love all that . Mhysha Shiben is going home to SC […]