Queen Sheba’s February 2018 Litter

1. Tagged as red collar.

2. This is Paris, purple collar, the new little girl to the King family in SC. As a birthday gift she fits the bill! There is an older pup that might enjoy new company too. The family enjoys playing together, watching movies going to the beach. As they said when they visited, the pup is a member of their family. She will enjoy all of that!

3. Female – This is ‘Mercy‘ the new baby to the Graham-Legington family in TN. They have been waiting a long time for a Pierce Mini Schnoodle! With 2 kids (boy and girl) they are all excited for the new furry member to join. They love to go for long walks, road trips where the pup can go and hang out at home. Mercy will enjoy all time with the family and the attention. Tagged as green collar.

4. This is Teddy.  He is the new baby to the Doherty family in IL. They alternate between 2 homes and to twice the fun. Long walks, family time, beach time makes for lots of good times. A young lady will call him Teddy and a doggie brother Bing will be a great buddy to play with. Brown collar.

5. This is ‘Harley‘ who will be going home with the Garton family in PA. With the human kids grown and out of the house this little guy is the new furry kid.  Hanging at the pool, gardening, painting and movies will fill the days with this little fella.  He will love all the attention. Light blue collar.

6. This is the Weiss puppy. He is a male of Queen Sheba’s and he is tagged Dark Blue Collar. The family lives in NC and likes to walk by the lake, read, garden and visit with family and friends. The puppy will be with them as much as possible. His name is Quincy.

7. This is Tucker going to live with the Giannattasio family in MA. Not much alone time for this little guy and with 2 kids after school lots of play time.  The family does lots of indoor and outside activities. Swimming and boating, walks, hiking and camping.  This little baby will love all that. Orange Collar.

Sheba’s parti babies outside fun.

Queen Sheba and Dad, Zachariah gave birth to beautiful pure parti puppies on Friday 2/9/18. We have 7 babies – the ‘parti’ is on! It was a very long night and day for Ms. Sheba and Mama Renee, but they are all doing well. She wanted to keep them to herself rather than share and let them be born! 4 boys 3 girl. All gorgeous markings. Because this is her first litter we projected 4 pups. With 7 she wanted to show off to the other Pierce Schnoodle mama’s.


  1. Irish Yopp says:

    Do you have any female pups from Queen Sheba’s parti litter, that are available for adoption?

    • No they are all spoken for.
      She will have a 2nd litter late summer and then
      skip in the spring. With an application and deposit
      you can get high on the litter list for that litter.
      Dad will be Zach again for pure parti babies!

  2. do you have have any male parti pups left for adoption?

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