Syrah’s February 2018 Litter


This is red collar. He is a black puppy and is medium size.  He is a sweet gentle boy.

Navy Blue Collar male is sold to the DeRose family in VA. They are very excited about adding a new furbaby to their family. 3 kids are waiting for the time when the new pup comes home. The family likes to run, long walks, swimming and anything outdoors in the summer. Name of this handsome fella is Cooper!

This is the largest pup in the litter. He is a beautiful black, tagged as black collar (male). He is laid back, sweet gentle giant baby.

This is a beautiful brindle male tagged as orange collar. He is a small to medium size, loving boy.

Grey collar this is a black puppy he is a big boy! Very laid back and sweet and gentle.

This little guy is the runt of the litter. He is tan collar and just a Little dill baby!

Light blue collar male he is a salt & pepper. Very sweet! He is a large size.

This is Moab he is the new giant baby boy for the Dysard family in Florida. They are very excited about their new puppy! Brown collar.


This girl is gorgeous! She is tagged as pink collar and is brindle. She is a small to medium size. She is sweet, inquisitive and loving.

This is the biggest girl! Not by much but she is….she is tagged as yellow collar (female). She was tired after the play time outside and the photos. She just wanted to sleep. Sweet girl!

This is a medium size black girl tagged as green collar. She loves to play and see what is happening.

This girl is a medium size tagged as purple collar. She is black and a lovely puppy that loves to be held.

All puppies have been sold, thank you! Syrah is sharing her babies with her sister Raquel. Raquel just loves the babies no matter whose they are. Syrah being a sweet sister does not mind. Our first outside playtime. Finally warm enough. Running around the kitchen during weight and deworm process.

Growing & enjoying mush!

These are the girls – 4 beauties! 1 pure brindle, seems to be the smallest one in the litter.

Syrah’s babies! We have 12 giant babies of Syrah’s – 8 boys these are the boys! 2 pure brindles, 1 salt pepper, other colorings are coming out just hard to tell.

Syrah had her giant schnoodle babies on Sunday am February 11th.  Her and Mama Renee spent many many hours together giving birth. Very late Sunday night we were all exhausted. Pups are gorgeous!  Colorings are just awesome!  Great browns and brindles and black. Good mix of boys and girls! We have a few available = apply for a giant baby today!


  1. april atkinson says:

    so excited to see them as they grow! thank you for the pictures!! we are so looking forward to our new baby <3

  2. Lee DySard says:

    Hi, I noticed that the new litter of puppies are all very dark in color. Will they stay like that or do different colors emerge over time?

  3. Janet Leigh Jones says:

    Have these pups all been adopted? And how much are your medium schnnodles?

  4. Tammy Connor says:

    Have they all been adopted? I️ met a giant Schnoodle recently and fell in love!!

  5. Linda J Pasqua says:

    Interested in adoption! Tell me about your availability.

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