Raquel’s July 2018 Litter

Pink Collar of Raquel’s pups goes home to TN with the Keller family. Being the new baby in the family she will get all the time and attention she needs. Her name is Piper. Her little sister is a mini schnauzer who may wonder why she keeps getting bigger. Piper has been so sweet until her adoption. She was doing excellent at outside potty, learned how to sit and totally loves the water in the water bowl! The family loves all kinds of outdoor activities.  She will join in all the fun. Plan is to become a therapy dog.  Piper has a HUGE heart and is just so loving, she will be an excellent pup.

This is the only salt/pepper in the litter.  This is Renee’s pick of the litter!  Female – largest of the 3 girls.  A totally gorgeous sweet girl!  Tagged as yellow collar, she will be joining the Snow family in MD.  Her name is Wilsyn (Willie for short).  She will get to hang out with mom during the day and go on walks, run, go to the beach and relax! They are very excited about their new pup! She is (in Renee’s opinion) one of the most beautiful girls in giants we Pierce Schnoodles has produced.  She is just excellent and just gorgeous!

This is Simon and he has his tail!  The Jordan family in SC wanted to keep his tail. They are looking forward to their new addition of the family. 2 young kids are excited to have adoption day arrive! The family likes to hike, camp, travel, beach and hanging out on the family farm. This little guy will love all that! He is tagged as Light Blue Collar.

This is Montague (Monty) for short.  The Zimmerman pup of Raquel’s litter, red collar. He is on the smaller size of the litter, very sweet and loving! Beautiful black with a little white on the chest.

Black Collar boy of Raquel’s pups. Going home to the Morris family in FL, his name is Thor. This guy has grown to be the largest in the litter. He is large, gentle and very handsome. A young lady is ready for a new pup.  The family loves to go to parks, walking, bike riding and swimming.  This fella will love all that!

Brown collar boy of Raquel’s giant pups. So very Handsome!!!  Going to the Hargens family in VA. His name is Otto!

Orange collar is the newest member of the Page family in NC, his name is Wesley. The daughter and dad really loved him and they all decided to make him theirs! The family loves to run, boat, swim and hike. He will be joining a grown dobie girl and she won’t know why this pups is getting so big!

This pup is a larger size brindle female.  She is tagged as purple collar and will be joining the Miller family in IN as her forever home.  Her name is Petra. Being retired she will be the new baby (although a big one when grown!).  She will go on walks, hang out at the lake cottage and get lots of love and attention.

This is Navy Blue Collar, male puppy. He is solid black. He is the Borders pup! He will make his forever home in VA with them He is joining a large family and will be a great addition! They love water sports and cuddle time and TV. He name is Magnus!

Raquel had 9 beautiful giant babies on Sunday July 29th. She kept Renee, then Bill up all night delivering. But she was fine, happy and all went well. She is being a great mom as always, just loves to snuggle the babies close to her. All babies are doing great too! 6 boys; 3 girls – colorings starting to show through – they are just beautiful. Moses is the proud papa!


  1. Oh my gosh, what a beautiful mommy. I can’t wait to meet the new member of our family! I am so excited. Beautiful babies and sweet, sweet Racquel 🙂

  2. Dani Hargens says:

    Aw! We are so so excited to watch them grow and welcome a new family member in about two months! Beautiful dogs! Our girls are obsessed and keep asking to see the pictures over and over:)

  3. Holly Jordan says:

    Awww! So happy to see these photos!! We can’t wait to bring our little boy home!

  4. We can’t wait to bring our baby boy home! So happy to see all the puppies and mom doing well!!

  5. So cute!! We can’t wait to meet our newest member of the family! I’m so glad mommy and puppies are doing well.

  6. Jennifer Norman says:

    So precious. We can’t wait to meet our newest member of the family. Glad everyone is doing well.

  7. Diana Jones says:

    So glad mom and babies are doing well…. So exciting! We hope to add a handsome boy to our family. Prayers to all.

  8. Christina Zimmerman says:

    We are so excited for the little addition! Can’t wait to meet him!

  9. We can’t wait for more updates! I bet they’re getting fluffy and bouncing all around 🙂

  10. Kelly and I cannot wait to meet our “little” Willsyn in two months.

  11. Dani Hargens says:

    Look how much they’ve grown! We just keep getting more and more excited to meet our new boy, Otto! Will let the girls see the individual pictures tonight, and they’ll be asking to see them over and over again I’m sure!

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