Phoebe’s August 2018 Litter

Blue collar male, this handsome little fella is going to be joining the McCoy family in NC as his forever home and family.  This is the ‘baby’ of the family! With a lot of outside activities and social, family time, this guy will be glad to tag right along.

This little guy is Red Collar going to CO to live with his new forever family, the Donaldson’s. With the kids grown this guy gets all the attention. Enjoying hiking, biking and family time at the lake, this pup will enjoy all that!

Black Collar – Male that will become the newest member of the Workman family in NC. Being retired this is the ‘new kid’ and will get all the time and attention. Walks, bike riding and hanging out at home this guy will love all that!

This is Brown Collar Phoebe Pup male who is the going to have the Printz family of VA be his forever family, his name is Benedict. With hiking, walking and snuggle time this guy will be glad to join in the fun.

Phoebe and proud daddy Caesar had babies on Friday the 24th. 7 babies – 4 boys 3 girls.  They are the cutest little red apricot babies!!! Mom and pups are doing great.


  1. just wondering location and how much they sale for

  2. Sofia Wheeler says:

    Has every pup in this litter been adopted?

  3. Allie Keller says:

    Are these sweet pups still available??

  4. Hi are little apricot babies ready for homes? Are these mini? We are looking for a little one to fill our home with live.

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