Syrah’s August 2018 Litter


Email Renee directly at and/or submit an application to have a baby giant schnoodle as your own!

This little girl is White Collar.  Syrah pup. She is beautiful black and a medium size. She is very sweet, loves to come visit for a pet and hug. Very adorable female that is Available!

This is Syrah’s male pup – red collar.  He is black and is on the the medium to large size in the litter.  He is cuddly and sweet boy!

This is Green collar male puppy is a black -brindle/salt-pepper pup.  Just super handsome! He loves to be held and is a good boy!

This is grey collar male pup of Syrah’s.  He is black and has a few white hairs on the chest.  He is very calm and sweet! He is a medium – to large size pup.  He is available!

This little GIRL is Pink Collar!  She is small and all shiny black and just a love!  She is very smart, very inquisitive. A super little girl!

This little girl is Yellow Collar.  She is beautiful black with a few white hairs on the chest and a rear white foot.  She is just a sweetie.  Available.


This is blue collar! This super handsome fella is the new pup for the Viner family in FL. He is a beautiful brindle, big guy and just a real love! The Viner family has 3 boys so why not another male to join in the family fun! The family loves to walk, travel and hang out. They are looking forward to this pup joining them!

Female Orange Collar. This little girl is just a beauty!  She is the new pup for the Schaefer which have recently moved to NC.  Her name is Maggi.  The family loves to go for walks/hikes and plan on the pup joining in with age.  The young lady in the family is just thrilled with the new pup coming!

This is Brown Collar (Syrah pup – Male).  He is a handsome brindle going to the Norman family in DE.  They are very excited about the new pup! The family loves sports and books and the beach.  Love doing things as a family- this fella will join in the family fun!

There are available pups from this litter. Email Renee directly at and/or submit an application to have a baby giant schnoodle as your own! They were born 8/29/18.  9 pups, 5 boys/4 girls. They will be ready to adopt after the Vet visit on 10/16/18. Moses is daddy.


  1. Suzanne Stevens says:

    Do you have a mini schnoodle for sale? If so, how much would he/she cost? Loving dog friendly family, lost their last dog to old age related illness. Children all grown. Single family house, nice yard in quiet neighborhood, in Virginia. Married couple, friends of mine would like to own a mini schnoodle. please let me know.

  2. We cannot wait to bring our little boy home. We are so excited!

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