Schatzi Setash Update

Hi Renee,

It’s been 9 months since I picked up my darling and he continues to wrap everyone he meets right around his little paw.  For the first couple grooming appointments, he put his Schnauzer face on, and about a month or so ago, we put our poodle face on……of course, he is Schazee’ when poodled up (rhymes with Renee).  

He is so well behaved, he accompanies me into the office and runs to greet all of his buds (my coworkers).  He would sleep on my desk or smack in the middle of the conference table during meeting. He weighs in now at 15.3 pounds.  Perfect size.  Did I mention he is really smart?

He loves daycare so much, I mean really loves it.  He has all sorts of friends there (at Dogtopia), a mini French Bulldog, a Malti-poo and two standard poodles, to name a few. 

You could not have given me  better dog, he is amazing.


  1. Sylvia Setash says:

    Hi Renee, it’s Schatzi Setash, but he also comes to “here kitty, kitty.”

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