Phoebe’s June 2019 Litter

All of Phoebe’s puppies have been SOLD.

Abby & Phoebe’s pups outside for fresh air and playtime.

Here are Phoebe’s beautiful apricot babies!! 6 beauties! 4 boys 2 girls 1 boy available. There were born on Sunday June 2nd. Such sweeties! All have been sold with deposits.

Phoebe loving hanging in her whelping box waiting for babies!


  1. Kathy Giglio says:

    I’m waiting with you Phoebe! (: <3

  2. Mary Schraudner says:

    I’m also waiting for Phoebe’s puppies. Hope everything goes well.

  3. Ali stamey says:

    Hi Renee! Cant wait for phoebes pups to arrive! I put in an application a few weeks ago, i would LOVE one of her puppies, will any be available?

  4. Candace Moose says:

    Hi Renee:

    Can’t wait for one of phoebe’s pups, I hope.

  5. Katherine Wallz says:

    I have been waiting to hear about Phoebe’s puppies, She is past her due date is everything all right?

    • schnoodle admin says:

      Hi Katherine, I apologize our internet is down and should be fixed by Monday 6/3. Babies are coming and will update soon!

  6. Tamara Erway says:

    Excited to hear about Phoebe and her puppies. Maybe one will be moving to NY

  7. Katherine Wallz says:

    I’m so glad to hear everything is okay and we will have a pup in July

  8. Ali Stamey says:

    Phoebes pups are adorable!! Is the boy still available? I filled out an application a few weeks ago, hoping to get one of her puppies! My sister has Callie from phoebes last litter, i fell in love with her and would love to be able have one of phoebes pups!!

  9. Tori Chiles says:

    They are SO gorgeous!
    Makes me miss little Callie! But she is now a beautiful, sweet almost 10 month old weighing in at 14 lbs of love and PERFECTION! She has won many hearts with her sweetness!
    Hoping my sister, Ali, gets to adopt the available boy! Fingers crossed, Ali!!!

  10. Kathy Giglio says:

    They are beautiful!????

  11. Katherine Wallz says:

    At last my puppy has been born, can’t wait to bring her home in NC

  12. Katherine Walz says:

    I haven’t heard anything yet about when the puppy will be ready to travel?

  13. They are only getting cuter!

  14. Katherine Walz says:

    Does anyone know how long it take to be notified if you are going to receive a puppy ?
    I have sent many emails but get no response.

  15. Kathy Giglio says:

    I’m having the same experience. The last communication I received was on March 30, when I was told I could choose which ever list I wanted to be on and I chose Phoebe’s. I had already sent my deposit. I don’t know what to think.

  16. Katherine Walz says:

    Still haven’t heard anything. I have had my name in for over a year. I will try to call on Monday

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