Raquel’s June 2019 Litter

3 beautiful female giants available from Raquel’s current litter. They will be ready to go home after 8/5/19. Apply for your giant baby today!

Light Blue Collar Male

Brown Collar Male

Navy Collar Male. This pup will be making his forever home with the Walker family in NC. The family likes to go to the park, play soccer, go to the beach and walking trails. His name is Milo and he will enjoy all the love and attention.

Grey Collar Male. This is the Batten family who has 2 other mini Pierce Schnoodles selecting their new baby, Gideon a giant Pierce Schnoodle. This makes a total of 4 schnoodles for the Batten family. Gideon is a large male, beautiful brindle color and just a doll! He will be a great addition.

Jeff and I really enjoyed our visit with you all on Saturday.  And we are very, VERY pleased with our choice of pup Gideon!  He is a total doll baby and we so look forward to him becoming a member of our family.  And it was a beautiful day for our trip. It’s going to be so much fun watching Gideon grow and see what color(s) he’ll be!  Of course I’ve shared the pictures with my co-workers.  Everyone in my office suite have dogs but four and there’s 13 of us in the suite.  One co-worker has 3 schnauzers, one has a labradoodle, others have pugs and “regular” dogs.  Give me a schnoodle any day!  And thank you for Remington Steele and Randolph Scott.  Randolph Scott will celebrate his 3rd birthday 8-14-19.  He’s really beginning to be quite sweet. Starting to be quite demanding of my attention.  Up ‘til now he’s never really had a lot to do with me and I figured he would turn out to be Jeff’s dog.  But in the last 3 to 4 months his personality has been changing.  I’ve been talking to my guys about Gideon coming to live with us, saying his name a lot, so it won’t be a foreign word to them.

Raquel had her babies! Raquel had 11 babies! 7 girls 4 boys on Friday 6-14. All our doing great! Females are available from this litter! Apply today to get a gorgeous giant schnoodle of your own!


  1. I want a little girl and filled out Application. What is the deposit and full adoption fee?

    • Renee Sweeley says:

      If I received your application I have responded to them all now.
      The deposit is $250, cost of pup is $1600. Deposit goes toward



  2. Confused! Are they miniature or giant? Need only minature.

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