Syrah’s August 2019 Litter

Syrah had her babies yesterday! Awesome colorings. All nursing and doing great. Syrah is a wonderful mom. They will be ready mid-October. Wonderful time of year to adopt! Send in your application for a giant baby! Apply to get your giant schnoodle!


  1. Kerry Boyd says:

    Yay!!!! Can’t wait to see our baby!
    Praying Syrah has a great labor and delivery!

  2. Wendi Griffin says:

    So excited to see my boy!!!❤️

  3. MaryBeth and I hope everything goes well for Syrah and all the pups!!!!! Very anxious to have our new family member!!!!

    • Very exciting!!! looks like everybody is doing fine!!!! we will have to start planning for our new arrival and our trip to get our big boy. God Bless and hope everyone of them stays healthy.

  4. Kerry Boyd says:

    Yay!!! Congratulations Syrah! Can’t wait to meet our new love ❤️

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