July 2018 – Renee with Shiloh and Jacob taking a boat ride. Awesome perfect day for the lake!

June 27th, 2018 – Shiloh ‘s first swim at the lake and boat ride. She loved it. She has her own little pink life preserver so she can float. She was relaxed and enjoyed the adventure!

June 2018 – Shiloh in motor home making herself at home. Laying by Jacob who is ignoring her!

June 2018 – Jacob & Shiloh chillin’ in the motorhome headed to the races!

Meet Shiloh!  This is our new mini-schnauzer liver parti female.

She is totally adorable and will produce great mini Schnoodles in the future.

Renee picked her up and then off to Charlotte in the motorhome to theNascar race!

She was at home the day we got her.  Is not shy AT ALL! Super loving and just a sweet girl! She acts like she has been with us for a long time. None of the dogs big or small phase her.  She acts like she is in charge or just nothing phases her!

She is a doll and we are really enjoying her!

Watch her grow with us!