Sophia’s Spring mini parti schnoodles

The Reddish family lives in GA and the 3 kids (2 are twins) are very excited about their new puppy!  The family loves outdoor activities and outings and the neighborhood.  This pup will fit right in as part of the family.

This is Toby Sigalos.  The Sigalos family from GA owned another Pierce Schnoodle that has gone to puppy heaven and they have been waiting patiently for the time to be right to adopt another Pierce Schnoodle and here he is!  They would not consider anything else.  Such a doll baby!  They are very excited.  He will be the new baby in the house and only mom and dad to decide who will hold him.  He will go everywhere with them and enjoy the family  time and daily walks.  Where no pup can replace a lost one, they do fill the void and fill our lives with new love.

This is ‘Barkley’ Finnimore.  He will make his forever home in the sunshine state of Florida.  The Finnimore family owned a Pierce Schnoodle, Macee for over 10 years and she is in puppy heaven.  They had to have another Pierce Schnoodle and Barkley is it!  He will be a true member of the family, not replacing but adding more love for many years in their life.  Being the baby in the family he will enjoy the walking and traveling with ‘mom and dad’ and all the attention.

This precious little cutie pie is Sassy Limoges.  Sophia’s only little girl in the litter and what a doll.  She is a true baby doll!  The Limoges family lives in SC and this little girl will be the baby in the family.  They love outside time and working in the yard and family time.  They are so ready for a new pup to love!

Sophia had her babies on May 6th.  4 beautiful pups – spotted just like her.  1 girl, 3 boys.  They are being placed and the families being contacted. Sophia has been a wonderful new mom.  At first a little overwhelmed, but she took over and has been great! She is now relaxed and loving her babies.

Mush time!


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