Bella Rogers Update

Renee & Pierce Schnoodle Family, Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy and prosperous New Year and Beyond… Love, Bella

Bella Rogers Update

Overall I (Bella D) had a pretty good first birthday! I’m playing with all my presents now, Mom made me peanut butter apple pupcakes, and I got to play with my best friends at the dog park! Thanks for finding me the best forever home! Luv, Bella (Please give kisses to my real mom (Bianca) […]

Hokie Purser Update

I feel so guilty for not sending you a huge “thank you”, updated photos and/or info on Hokie before now and I apologize! We couldn’t possibly love this guy any more. The kids race inside from school everyday and drop to the floor to collect wet kisses and ear cleanings from him. He enjoys going […]

Scout Thomson

Just a quick update to let you know how much we love having Scout as a part of our family. He is a true joy!! He is growing like a weed…almost 4.5 lbs now. He is a little ham and loves playing with the kids. They think it is super funny when he chases his […]

Hokie Purser

Oh my goodness, they kids are so excited and everyday my daughter asks “is it a dream or did we really get a puppy?” The ride home from your home was awesome, he slept the entire way. My hubby and I played him out until right before the kids got home and we put him […]

Sophia’s Winter 2014 Litter

This boy is going to the Scurria family from NC. His name is Tucker. They just love his unique patches of black and white. The family owns a Pierce Schnoodle Winnie that is 10.5 years old. The family loves to play outside, walks, biking and running. Tucker will enjoy the activity. This boy is going […]

Bella Bella Mozzerella!

Bella’s new nickname is Bella Bella Mozzerella! She had her bath tonight and wanted to say to show off her fluffy hairdo! She has to be the funniest puppy in the world! We go to puppy socialization every week and she just antagonizes all of the puppies big and small. She is definitely the leader […]

Charlie Galfund and Bella Rogers

This is Charlie Galfund and Bella Rogers – from Bianca’s litter in NJ! Dressed up for Halloween. Charlie is the black one, Bella the white one.

Jolie’s Autumn 2014 Litter

This is the surprise puppy – they decided it was better to get before the Christmas rush but it was still a wonderful surprise for the kids. They named the puppy Hokie. The Purser family of NC know of 2 friends that own Pierce mini-schnoodles so they will have 3 at play time. The Purser […]

Bianca’s Summer 2014 Litter

The Galfund family in NJ will be getting this lucky girl. Her name is Charlotte Grace and is called Charlie. They are friends with the Rogers family so these sisters will get to spend time together – what fun! The family loves soccer, hikes, biking and being outside. This little girl will bring much love and […]